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Why Talk Kitchens?

From homework to home-at-last, from coffee grinding to glasses clinking, we understand that real life happens here. So our design approach is to make the everyday extraordinary. 

We proudly thrive on recommendation, and promise that you will receive honest, helpful advice, modelled on your budget.  We will tailor-design your kitchen, drawing upon our experience and architectural skills to make the most of every single space. The result? A room as unique as you are.

Kitchen Renovation


1. How much on average do your kitchens cost?

How long is a piece of string? We offer such a broad range of styles and accompanying appliances, and it can range from as little as £10,000 (fully fitted with quartz worktops and named brand appliances) and up to £80,000.

On average, an English painted timber kitchen by Burbidge, with Silestone worktops and Neff appliances costs in the region of £20,000 to £30,000 depending on size and specification.

2. Isn’t it cheaper to buy a kitchen from one of the national kitchen retailers like Wickes or Wren?

Some of the big kitchen names in the industry will wow you with crazy discounts and headline pricing in their adverts. They draw you in, and once you’re engaged with them you may realise it’s not quite what it’s cracked up to be.

The price often creeps up, and then you may think “If it costs this much here, then an independent specialist will be even more!”. We’re proud to say, that’s not so -although our cabinetry may not be as cheap as others (the others are cheap for a reason) this is only part of the story. By building up strong relations with a small selection of top suppliers, we’re able to pass on our best discounts direct to our customers.

3. Do we need to know what style of kitchen we want?

Come and take a look if you’re looking for inspiration. Sure, it speeds things up if you know what you want from the off, but it’s not a necessity. Unlike many other kitchen showrooms, we at Talk Kitchens have a variety of styles to choose from, whether that be contemporary (gloss or matt), handle-less, classic or the increasingly-popular, hand painted, inframe kitchens.

4. How long will we be without a working kitchen?

It could be as quick as two weeks, depending on how much we need to do. On average, it take between three and four weeks.

To give you an example timeline for your new kitchen:

Week 1 Strip out the old kitchen and preparation of new electrics, plumbing and decoration.

Week 2 The new kitchen furniture is delivered and installation commences. By the end of this week, the worktops will be templated and signed off for fabrication.

Week 3 The worktops take between 7 and 10 working days before they are ready for installation.

Week 4 Once the worktops are fitted then the plumbing can be completed and the hob can be connected. A thorough clean up and we’re all done!

5. Are German-built kitchens better than English ones?

In short….no, generally at least. We’re fortunate that we are in complete control of where we buy the various components of our kitchens. This means unlike the German kitchens typically sold in this country, we are able to pick and choose best parts to ensure durable and stylish finish.

6. If we’re planning on having an extension built, then at what point should we look at employing the services of a kitchen designer?

As early as possible. Architect drawings are always very much appreciated when we get an enquiry, but not essential. Sometimes it can be worth asking for advice prior to engaging with an architect, as we can advise on the size of extension necessary to fit the kitchen you’d like.

7. Why choose a British-made kitchen?

We’re fortunate that we are in complete control of where we buy the various components of our kitchens, so we are able to pick and choose best parts to ensure durable and stylish finish.

8. What styles of kitchens do you offer?

Pretty much every style you are likely to find in any of the lifestyle magazines or on Pinterest. Our suppliers are great at keeping their offerings on trend. Classic styles with renewed colour palettes keep things fresh too.

9. Where are your kitchens made?

All of our kitchens are manufactured in England. This means we can assure the quality of our cabinetry. It also means we have much shorter lead times than our competitors who supply European kitchens. As many of you may know, most of Europe shuts down for much of the summer which can also lead to even longer delivery times during this period.

10. Why should we come to Talk Kitchens

We’re a humble, local, knowledgeable kitchen hub. We’ve been creating beautiful hard-working kitchens in Chalfont St Peter since 2005. Our small, perfectly-formed team (from design and manufacture, to kitchen installers) all work with the same aim – to deliver your dream kitchen.

11. Will you be there every day during the installation?

We’ll be on site every day at the start of the project. However, once we get to a point where the worktops are in the fabrication phase, we are likely to be onsite less. This is because we can’t complete your kitchen until the worktops are ready to fit. We will keep in contact throughout the whole project, so you will always know when we will be working in your home.