Spring Colour Palettes: Refresh your kitchen with the latest spring trends

30 March 2021

Our kitchens have evolved over the last few years to facilitate much more than just food. They are multifunctional spaces used for socialising, home working, play and mealtimes. If you have been spending more time than ever in your kitchen this past year, you might be wanting to make it a more inviting space. Colour is a great way of doing this. In this post, we take a look at the colours which are trending this Spring for kitchens.

What are this season’s colours?

Not just one, but two-tone kitchens are trendy this season. This look creates a colourful and fresh feel to any kitchen renovation. It’s also great for broken plan and multifunctional spaces to create a divide between one area and another. If you have an island, you could paint it to contrast with the walls or cabinets. Perhaps choose contrasting colours for your floor and wall cabinets. Bold splashbacks, as well as wall and floor tiles, can help to create this look. Experiment by combining several of this season’s must-have shades. Different shades of green or blue are popular at the moment, as well as the Pantone colours of the year, which are illuminating, a yellow tone and ultimate grey. There are endless possibilities, so get creative.

What are the alternatives to colours and styles?

If the most popular colours this season, a combination of grey and yellow aren’t your thing, why not consider some of these options to bring some freshness to your new kitchen.

Shades of green

Pretty much any shade of green goes, including two-tone combinations. Different shades of green will create an entirely different vibe. Bluish-green is not too intense and looks great in modern styled kitchens with elegant appliances. Mint green is ideal for creating a retro, vintage vibe. Sage green goes with modern kitchen design or traditional looking kitchens and creates a calm feel. Olive and hunter green create a more intense, masculine and sophisticated feel and are great for minimalist spaces. If you’re looking to brighten up a drab space, apple green can do just that, creating a vibrant and modern look.

Shades of blue

There are several shades, in particular, which are trending. Pastel blue creates a light, calm atmosphere and is excellent for pairing with either lighter or darker colours to create a two-toned look for a luxury kitchen design. Navy and nautical blues create an elegant look in the kitchen. They pair exceptionally well with silver, white, rose gold or light pink. Turquoise creates a joyful and light space and, like mint green, is great for creating a retro vibe in the kitchen.

Shades of grey

Grey has been popular in kitchens for some time now. The best use for greys this season is in creating the two-tone look. Pair shades of grey with more vibrant colours, like yellows, for an ultra-modern look. Bring metallic greys in for a sophisticated and bright feel. Grey also works beautifully with this season’s light and dusty shades of pink as well as white.

Shades of pink

The subtler shades of pink are fashionable in kitchens this season. Dusty pink or rose gold shades create a feminine, cosy and modern vibe in the kitchen. These shades work well with greys, whites and darker colours. Consider bringing these shades in with furniture like chairs or painting an island to contrast the units.

Bright colours

Bright shades of almost any colour are popular for kitchens at the moment. New kitchen units are available in more colours than ever before, and bright reds, greens, blues, yellows and oranges are fashionable choices. You can incorporate these colours throughout your kitchen or create stand-out pieces by painting a single unit or piece of furniture. Bright colours create a joyful feeling in the kitchen and can be brought in with tiles, paint, furniture, splashbacks, countertops, appliances or wallpaper.

Dark colours

Black or very dark coloured kitchens are also popular. Deep and dramatic hues have become extremely trendy recently, and this style looks set to continue throughout 2021. Dark colours create an intense vibe that’s ideal for social gatherings. Colour matching the walls to the cabinets, with touches of copper, will create a masculine and sophisticated feel. For a fresher feel, keep the countertops and walls light to contrast dark coloured cabinets and furniture.

Embrace nature

With all the time spent indoors this past year, people are appreciating the value and beauty of nature more than ever before. Boldly filling your kitchen with plants and herbs creates an eco-friendly, fresh vibe. This can be especially transformational in urban environments where greenery is sparse. There are no rules when creating the overloaded green look in your kitchen. Drape, hang and place plants wherever you feel, going with the flow. Not only does this look fabulous and unique, but it also helps to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Ways to bring colour into your kitchen

There are many ways you can incorporate spring colour palettes into your kitchen without completely refurbishing. Many of these can be done on a budget and will bring a new lease of life to your space with minimal effort.

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a tired-looking space. Consider painting one or all of your kitchen walls in this season’s must-have shades. Perhaps get creative and try out the two-tone look. If you have wooden units or furniture in your kitchen, these can easily be painted. Doing this will make you feel like you have a brand-new kitchen without spending a fortune.

Coloured or patterned wallpaper, tiles and splashbacks can also bring colour and life into your kitchen. Finish off your new look with matching or contrasting coloured appliances, decorative items and kitchen equipment.

Feeling inspired to spruce up your kitchen? Google, Pinterest and Instagram are full of beautiful kitchen ideas so check these out to get the creative juices flowing, also check out our Instagram feed for the latest styles and colours. There are plenty of ways to bring this Spring’s colours into your kitchen no matter your budget, so think outside the box.