Maximising your space with bespoke kitchen design

25 May 2021

Bespoke kitchen design has emerged as a popular trend recently. The art of bespoke kitchens specialises in creating a unique luxury space tailored to your interests and requirements. When building, renovating or even just redecorating, there are unlimited possibilities for making the most of space. With some creativity and a bit of lateral thinking, it’s possible to have a fantastic area where you can lounge with friends and family and truly impress guests. However, not all homes are built with the kitchen at the heart of the house, which can often mean that homes lack a spacious kitchen area. So, what if you have limited space? This shouldn’t mean you have to negotiate on quality or design to get a kitchen that works for you and your family. 

Get to know your kitchen and understand the space you have

Most kitchens designs can maximise space without compromising on quality. A bespoke kitchen builder is a perfect option for someone looking into renovating or building a new kitchen in Gerrards Cross, Amersham and wider Buckinghamshire.

The design of your kitchen is one of the most critical aspects of your property. We have all been to a home and, at first, glance hated the kitchen, but looking around, we liked the rest of the property, so we still made an offer. This has led to actual demand for clever ways to utilise space in small kitchens while still having an elegant look.

The key to creating a working space that still has a luxurious finish and is your perfect kitchen is to understand what you have before you consider your possibilities. If you start with a compact kitchen and wish to change the space without extending the room, you will need to know your critical measurements of the area so you can work to the scope of the existing space. Having a galley kitchen, for example, will not benefit from a large centre table due to the layout of the kitchen. However, many galley kitchens have benefitted from a modern kitchen design that still incorporates all the elements you need. 

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Choose your ‘must-haves’ and ‘can live without’ appliances and fittings.

What is your absolute must in a kitchen? What can you live without? These questions will become very important when designing your new space as they will help limit you to the constraints you have. Both wall space and counter space is incredibly useful in a kitchen, and with a smaller area, you don’t want to have all your kitchen units and worktops taken up with appliances. If you have any storage space available in or near your kitchen area, this will come in useful to store those smaller appliances you may not always want on show. 

Now may also be the time to consider where you would like your kitchen units and how much of the wall space will support this. Having lighter colours in a small or narrow kitchen that reflects light well gives a sense of a larger kitchen and will feel more open when you walk through space. Why not consider opting for cabinet doors with no discernable handles to maximise spaciousness? 

Working with a bespoke designer to achieve the best results

Planning the perfect kitchen can be a daunting prospect when working with the area you have. At Talk Kitchens, we excel at maximising the space you have with the full intention of creating an innovative design from scratch that will leave you with a beautiful kitchen you are proud to show off every day. 

Working with your kitchen designers is an excellent way of creating a unique design that compliments your home and maximises your ideas, wants and needs. 

Talk Kitchens have complete experience in designing bespoke kitchens throughout the many years of hard work and commitment. Our skilled craftsmen have stayed ahead of the competition by investing time into becoming experts in their field. Our job is to make sure you get your dream style, in your dream kitchen, with no hassle, stress or disruption. So to make the most of your kitchen space, making sure that you are getting the best out of it, contact a professional installer. This way, you will make your small space work and even turn it into a luxury area.

Whether you are looking for traditional design, classic kitchen finishes or a timeless classic, you can be sure that Talk Kitchens will provide you with all the support and expertise you need to have your dream kitchen become a reality. Leave us a message on our website or call the office to start planning your dream kitchen today!